Out with the old iOS. In with the new iOS7.

Surveillance-nationExcellent article from Marco Arment about how iOS7, the new operating system for iPhones and iPads coming to consumers this Fall, is going to cause a major shift for App developers. His argument is that just as a forest fire erases old debris Apple’s update to its mobile operating system is going to cause a similar disruption to all existing apps. Leading to a fundamental shift in the established App environment:

iOS 7 is different. It isn’t just a new skin: it introduces entirely new navigational and structural standards far beyond the extent of any previous UI changes. Existing apps can support iOS 7 fairly easily without looking broken, but they’ll look and feel ancient.

Hard to believe?

iOS is only 6 years old. Before then there were no Apps at all and now we have a multi billion dollar industry all based on one operating system. Apple has changed things so fundamentally, Marco argues, that all established Apps will be stuck at a crossroads of maintaining for old versions and building for the new version. This is bad news for established Apps but great news for new ones. For consumers its going to be a non issue. We will update to iOS7 in massive numbers just as we always do and when we see our existing Apps look like crap we will just go find an alternative and download it.

If I were developing a new App I would be focused completely on iOS7 and be ready to hit the ground running on day one, especially if its a crowded category. Some low hanging fruit from a quick brainstorm:

  • Photography/Camera App
  • Twitter/Multi Network Social Media App
  • Quick Note/Writing App
  • Calendar App

I would charge at least $4 for this app as the users that will be demanding this will have money to spend and will be less focused on price than functionality. They will want an app that looks good and works with all the new iOS7 bells and whistles.

Michael Barber has a great writeup on the Cohn Marketing blog about some of the significant updates to iOS7 check it out.

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