Video thumbnail for youtube video Launch Bar a Mac Users BFF - Roger Williams MediaHave you ever had a tool that you use so often that you only remember that you use it so much when you dont have it? For me there are two applications on the Mac that have this effect: 1Password and LaunchBar.

Application Launching

Personally I use it just for the ability to launch software from my keyboard. This saves me a lot of time from mousing to the dock and searching for my app. Instead I just type in a few letters of its name and BAM the app is launched and I am working, or surfing Reddit.

More than just App Launching

Just using LaunchBar to launch apps is very helpful and like I said it is pretty much all I use it for. However there is a lot of functionality that I am missing out on and should start taking advantage of.


Do you have bits of text that you use all the time? Your email address, phone number, mailing address, etc? LaunchBar recently added Snippets to its arsenal of features and they are awesome:
Click here to read more about LaunchBar Snippets.

Loads of Actions

Rather than boring you with my screencasts I will let you watch Dan Frakes from MacWorld tell you all about this really cool tool.

What do you think? Do you use LaunchBar or some other launching application?

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