Finally remembered to grab my ticket for the Clio Cloud Conference 2014. Did you get yours yet? From looking at the Agenda there is going to be a lot going on and speakers you will not want to miss. Plus in Tuesday night we are going to a Cubs game!

Here are the few speakers I have added to my calendar so far (Keep in mind I am NOT a lawyer so my focus is on the marketing side of things.):

1. Keynote – Jack Newton – Monday Sept 22nd 8:30am

Jack is one of the founders of Clio so hearing him talk is a no brainer. It will be interesting to hear what they have planned for the future.

About Jack Newton

Jack Newton, a founder of Clio, has spearheaded efforts to educate the legal community on the security, ethics and privacy related issues surrounding cloud computing, and has become a nationally recognized writer and speaker on these topics.

Jack has recently joined the board of the International Legal Technology Standards Organization (ILTSO), where he will help the organization craft standards for law office technology. He also co-founded and is acting President of the legal Cloud Computing Association (LCCA), a consortium of leading cloud computing providers with a mandate to help accelerate the adoption of cloud computing in the legal industry.

2. Customer Service and Your Firm – Monday Sept 22nd 10:40am

Mark founded AVVO which is a pretty important marketing site for lawyers now. Its like the LinkedIN for lawyers. I have my reservations about how they operate as a business but it will be interesting to hear any insights he has for the industry.

Mark Britton

The attorney-client relationship is one of the most important tools you have to ensure your firm’s success. See how you can find new ways to connect and create a truly enjoyable customer service experience for your clients.

About Mark Britton

Mark Britton is the founder, CEO and president of Avvo. Prior to this, Mark was the executive vice president of Worldwide Corporate Affairs of InterActiveCorp Travel and Expedia, Inc. Prior to joining Expedia, Mark was an attorney and equity partner-elect of the law firm Preston, Gates & Ellis LLP. In addition to Preston Gates, Mark practiced law in a small and medium-sized law firm and served as Senior Counsel to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

3. Digital Marketing for Law Firms and Legal Professionals – Monday Sept 22nd 4:10pm

No surprise here right? I am always interested to hear what my competition is talking about. It sounds like Jabez is a sharp guy so hopefully he will teach me some new things.

Jabez LeBret

Referrals used to be all about word-of-mouth, but mobile devices have shifted the playing field. Similarly, an online presence no longer means just a website, and because of all these channels, figuring out where to spend your marketing budget has become especially difficult. Discover how to use social media and websites to market your firm and make your business stronger.

About Jabez LeBret

Jabez is co-author of the Amazon #1 best-selling legal professional book Online Law Practice Strategies. He is an international technology expert who has delivered CLE presentations at over 50 bar associations. Jabez writes a regular business and technology column for Forbes and is also an contributor to the ABA Journal, LMA and NBC Chicago. Jabez is co-founder of the law firm marketing agency GNGF.

4. Content Marketing for Lawyers – Monday Sept 22nd 5:10pm

Yet again there is no surprise that I am headed to Kevin’s talk. He has been around law marketing forever so should have some great insights on best practices. This will be a great one to attend for finding out how to get content going that people want to interact with.

Kevin O’Keefe

Are you creating content for the sake of creating content, or are you using content to build meaningful relationships with your peers and potential clients? Understand how to market your firm strategically with relevant and insightful content.

About Kevin O’Keefe

Kevin O’Keefe is CEO and Founder of Seattle based, LexBlog. O’Keefe was a trial lawyer for 17 years, successfully marketing his law firm via the Internet in such a positive way that USA Today said “If he isn’t careful, he may wind up giving lawyers a good name.” As an attorney, he was a sustaining member of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and a board member of his state’s trial lawyers association. O’Keefe’s blog, Real Lawyers Have Blogs is a leading source of information on the use of blogs and social media for law and professional services firms.

5. Keynote – Cindy Cohn – Tuesday Sept 23rd 8:40am

Not sure what I will get from this talk but it should be interesting at the very least. The EFF has been fighting the good fight for Internet rights for over 2 decades.

About Cindy Cohn

Cindy Cohn is the Legal Director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation as well as its General Counsel. She is responsible for overseeing the EFF’s overall legal strategy and supervising EFF’s fourteen staff attorneys.
The National Law Journal named Ms. Cohn one of 100 most influential lawyers in America in 2013, noting: “If Big Brother is watching, he better look out for Cindy Cohn.”

6. Keynote – Carolyn Elefant – Tuesday Sept 23rd 12:50am

Every once in a while I come across an article from MyShingle and hit myself for not remembering to read Carolyn’s website more often. She is a practicing solo lawyer with a lot of experience. She will have stories and insights to share for all of us.

Carolyn Elefant

A big law firm wasn’t big enough for Carolyn Elefant. So, she started her own. And harnessed the power of the Internet to build it. One of the first generation of lawyer-bloggers, Carolyn has written and spoken at conferences about small firm practice trends, the ethics of social media, and the future of law.

7. Map It Out: Your Career in Law – Tuesday Sept 23rd 3:20pm

Clio’s own LIR, Lawyer in Residence (Is that a little too close to comfort phonetically?), should have some helpful tips on how to handle various stages of your legal career. He has worked at one of the big boys, Thomson Reuters’, so he has seen a lot of data that we wish we could dig into.

Joshua Lenon

A career in law requires both endurance and adaptability. Whether you are just getting into law, starting your own practice, or planning to leave law, you’ll be doing a lot more than just changing your schedule. Learn more about how to transition smoothly through the stages of your career.

About Joshua Lenon

Joshua Lenon is an attorney and Lawyer in Residence at Clio, where he focuses on scholarship and marketing skills, with an interest in the intersection of law and technology. Previously, Joshua helped legal practitioners improve their services, working for Thomson Reuters’ publishing departments.

This is going to be a fun conference between the Clio people, lawyers, consultants, and everyone else. I am looking forward to seeing you there. Hit me up and lets get a drink!

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