Forget Akismet just add the GitHub Comment Blacklist

I am usually late to the party on a lot of the cutting edge things in WordPress. One thing I have used as a default for years is Akismet for managing spam comments on installations. It works very well but can be a hassle to setup and costs money if you are doing anything serious or businessy. Eventually I just ended up ignoring comments as the box just fills with spam comments.

Today I was poking around a new installation and noticed a Blacklist feature on /wp-admin/options-discussion.php:
wordpress comment blacklist feature alternative to akismet

Seeing this I thought: “Brain, why dont we just put a list of common spam terms into this list and be done with at least 60% of the spam we get in comments?” and I thought back: “That sounds great but I bet someone smarter already thought of this so lets check the Googles!”

Pleasantly after searching for “good words for wordpress comment blacklist” I clicked the first result: which links to the useful result here:

It sounds like enough people have checked this thing against Akismet and it cuts mustard. Happy hunting.

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  1. Hey Roger, I appreciate the mention of my Comment Blacklist for WordPress. Please let me know if you have any issues whatsoever with misflagged spam, as I’m constantly tweaking and optimizing the keyword list.

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