When you post on Facebook or Twitter you are working for free. Facebook makes money serving ads to users but Facebook produces hardly any content at all. The reason so many people are on Facebook is because they are looking at each others content. The more you post on Facebook and get your friends and family to spend time looking at it and the advertisements surrounding them the more Facebook makes. This makes you a digital sharecropper except that you aren’t even getting paid.

This doesn’t mean you should stop using Facebook, it just means you should understand exactly what you are doing there. My suggestion is that you spend more time adding content to your own website where you own the content. Then when Facebook goes away or looses all of your posts you still have the majority of your work.

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Roger has been building websites since 1996 and had drunk the kool aid when it comes to living and breathing online culture. After spending time at Godaddy selling domain names and hosting he dabbled in telecom selling CDN services for Limelight Networks and Level 3. In 2009 he realized the best way he could help businesses was to start his own focused on building websites, getting traffic to visit, become customers, and then service them more effeciently. He obsesses over content strategy, ad testing, page load speed, online services, support efficiency, and where to go on vacation. He lives in Phoenix, AZ with his beautiful wife, Kate, and two dogs: Bonzai and Zeke. He wants to know about your business and how to help you get more customers and service the ones you have even better. Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn

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