Remarketing Advertising – Avoid being Creepy and Sleezy

Have you noticed lately that websites seem to be following you around on the web? Have you been to a website and looked at a few pages then left and gone to a news website only to see that prior sites advertisements show up? This is called Remarketing advertising and if you haven’t seen it …

Effective Planning for Sales in Social Media

Todays video covers effectively planning for social media with a focus on creating sales. Its important to create goals to focus on and then execute a game plan based on achieving those goals. This allows you to tell if the program has been effective and what worked and what did not work.

Social Media Strategy

Just finished looking through this great set of slides from radian6. They create some pricey software for measuring and tracking your social media efforts, for medium to large brands. However this presentation applies to all companies wanting to get into social: 30 Ideas For Your Social Media Plan from Salesforce Marketing Cloud

How to win social and influence people

Talking with more businesses about their social media strategy and execution has me revisiting a lot of things I haven’t talked about in a couple years. I listen to Social Media Pros Podcast with Jay Bear every week and this weeks episode woke me up like a cold shower talking about personal brand. While I …