Welcome to RWM!

My name is Roger Williams and I run Roger Williams Media to help small businesses get online. More importantly I get your phone to ring, your email inbox to fill up, and customers to walk in your door and give you money.

How do I do this for your business?

Open Website Design and Development with WordPress

We have worked with WordPress since 2004 and strongly recommend it to all of our clients. We can build new or redesign & update existing sites, even if they aren’t WordPress.
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Documentary Style and Product Video Production

You have worked hard to become an expert in your field or industry. Lets let more people know about this by making videos that show your abilities.
Think of it as putting your best sales presentation online for anyone to watch anytime!
People spend hours a day watching online video. From entertainment to DIY to cancer research they are watching anything and everything that is relevant to them. Let’s get your company’s abilities on video and share it with everyone!
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Sales and Marketing Consulting

Roger has been in Sales & Marketing since 2002. He has seen what works and a lot of what doesn’t work. When you work with him he looks at your entire sales process and works within the existing structure or helps to redefine how you market and sell your products and services.

Let me know if you have an interesting project and want to work together!