RWM Services

At Roger Williams Media(RWM) we focus on content first and build out from there. Content is King. Everything else follows.

Adwords Management

I have acheived certification as an individual and a business in Google’s Adwords Certification Program. This means that I have passed numerous exams regarding the specifics of the Adwords program and have also proven my abilities by managing a successful Adwords campaign live. I understand the basic system and philosophy of the Adwords program: Reach, Relevance, and ROI. Lets talk about getting traffic to your site that is relevant and turns into more customers.

Video Production

Actions speak louder than words so why not make a video? We will help you look and sound your best to ensure professional videos represent the best of your company and convince customers to spend their money with you. Roger Williams Media can handle a multitude of shooting situations and help with Scriptwriting and Editing to get the best final product out there. Once we have the content we get it online and distributed to potential customers and then you just need to be ready to answer the phone!

Content Marketing

This is our focus at RWM because without good/relevant content traffic can come to your website all day long and nothing will happen. From the simple stuff like having your phone number at the top of every page to video blogging where you tell your story RWM is here to get it right.

Search Engine Marketing

Search is how people use the web. SEM is looking at all of the pieces of the Search arena and putting them together uniquely to your business. From organic to PPC to local RWM is well versed in getting traffic to your website to look at all your awesome content.

Web Analytics

So you have amazing content and loads of traffic but how much is it adding to the bottom line? The web has a truly unique aspect that makes it so much different from all other forms of marketing: everything can be tracked. This is web analytics. Wading through the immense amount of data that each visitor to your website produces and showing you how it’s affecting your bottom line. Without this you are flying blind.

Conversion Optimization

Another amazing aspect of the web compared to other forms of marketing is the ability to test and optimize content. Running multiple versions of the same page allows you to tweak how visitors are channeled through your content resulting in more conversions. RWM applies years of web experience along with your business expertise to turn more visitors into customers.


Ha! You read this whole page just to find out I am joking, well sort of. I am a homebrewer and if we work together you might get a nice 6 pack gift occasionally. What you don’t like beer? Thats cool, more for me and Katie!

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