Square is selling its NFC payment reader in Apple Stores

Square is selling its NFC payment reader in Apple Stores

If you take Credit Card payments from customers RUN to an apple store and get this now!

Last November, Square finally got on with the times and unveiled an NFC-friendly reader, but it was only available on Square’s website. Now, however, it’s available in Apple retail stores too. This means that anyone can go into an Apple store and buy Square’s appropriately square-shaped wireless reader without having to order it online. As a reminder, the point-of-sale system is compatible with not only chip-enabled debit/credit cards but also NFC payments like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. […]

When Should You Promote Video Content with Paid Media?

When Should You Promote Video Content with Paid Media?

Good article over at ReelSEO about when to promote your content. There are a multitude of metrics to keep an eye on when measuring the effectiveness of your video campaigns. Just looking at total number of views is not as helpful as tracking duration and clicks or actions on other networks like Facebook and Twitter in relation to the campaign.

In a previous ReelSEO article I asked our readers three questions about creating an effective mobile video strategy that focused on the viewers that were discovering, watching, and sharing mobile videos. In this post, I’ll tackle three more important questions: When should you promote your mobile video content with […]

Zed’s First Flight – Phantom 3 Pro 4K in Burlington VT

zeds first flight dji phantom 3 pro 4k burlington vt


Recently purchased the DJI Phantom 3 Pro 4K flying camera and took it on its first flight. It is a lot of fun to fly and really easy to take boring video with. This short edit has more spinning shots that I prefer but this is how we learn, right? If you have a 4K tv be sure to crank the resolution up and let me know what you think.

What’s the 4K all about?

4K is the next thing you need to buy after spending all that cash on 1080 tv’s. Its going to have a lot more detail and take longer to download. If you have a Mac with a Retina screen then you will also see the benefits of this Ultra High Resolution.


DJI Phantom 3 Pro 4K
Browser backpack for DJI Phantom
Extra Phantom 3 battery
RC Hood for iPad or iPhone

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Online Video Delivery – Youtube is King

We have covered making your own videos now lets talk about where to put them so people can watch online. You can self host the files but the bandwidth required can cost a lot of money, plus performance can be a huge issue. If you are going to host them separately I suggest starting with Youtube. Its free which is nice and since Google owns it they seem to give Youtube videos preference in Organic Results.