Crystal Method In Concert - Gigpress Review

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Crystal Method In Concert - Gigpress Review

Crystal Method In Concert - Gigpress Review

While working on my wordpress plugins and tweaking WPTouch, the magic plugin that lets you read this easily on a mobile device, I saw a link to GigPress. Curious I clicked and discovered a super useful way for WordPress owners to post their event details all on their own website:


GigPress is a powerful WordPress plugin designed for musicians and other performers. Manage all of your upcoming and past performances right from within the WordPress admin, and display them on your site using simple shortcodes, PHP template tags, or the GigPress widget on your WordPress-powered website.

Here are some Live Examples of GigPress in action. If you need help setting it up let me know.
Here is a slightly more in depth review of GigPress.

2 replies
  1. Donya
    Donya says:

    How do you customize, add, or omit column labels. I’d like to post an on-air schedule, so “City” and “Venues” are not relevant to my event listings.

    • Roger
      Roger says:

      Hi Donya,
      I havent actually used the plugin. You should try the developers website or the Plugin forum on wordpress and see if anyone knows.

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