Converting Windows Media Audio to MP3 on a Mac

Its a multimedia world out there and you need to get as much of it for your business as you can. In some cases this means doing a radio show. Today one of my clients sent me some radio interviews he had done and wanted uploaded to his website. Slam Dunk right? Yeah right up until I saw that the file was a Windows Media Audio file.

WMA to MP3 Converter for Mac for Free

WMA to MP3 Converter for Mac for Free

Fourtunately I found this program for converting WMA to MP3 on a Mac for Free:
MediaHuman Audio Converter

The program is pretty easy to use as well. You open your WMA file in it, select the bitrate you want it converted to and hit go. It creates a Folder in your Music Folder by default and puts the converted file there. Then you can upload the MP3 to your website or convert it into a movie using iMovie or Final Cut Pro X and upload that to Youtube.

Happy converting yall!