2 takes on openness

Today Google announced Account Activity Reports. This new service will allow you to see what your activity on the Google network looks like. This is a product of their recent privacy issues after combining all of their various users accounts under a single google account.

By giving you access to these reports they are hoping to minimize people’s concerns as far as what is being collected by google. Once we see what is being collected we won’t be as fearful, at least that is Googles hope.

Personally I think this is great. I am interested is seeing what I’ve been up to. I also think is shows that google isn’t too big to listen to its customers concerns.

As a point of comparison let’s look at how Facebook is handling privacy concerns. They are currently forcing everything on their network, people and companies, to adopt their timeline feature. Sure this gives you the ability to see everything you have done on Facebook. The main difference being that so can everyone else…

Are you ready for mobile visits?

Welcome to 2012, is your Web site ready for mobile devices? If it isnt you are already losing business. You know all that noise about iPhones and Apple being the largest company? The people buying those devices are your customers, and they are coming to your Web site right now. Have you taken a look at what your Web site looks like on an iPhone? Go ahead, take a minute and check it out.

If you are still reading this I bet that your Web site looks the same on an iPhone as it does on a computer. Which means it looks really small and its really hard to navigate and read anything.

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With WPTouch Pro your worpdress Web site becomes aware when someone visits on an iPhone or any mobile device and displays a mobile optimized version. In my opinion this is going to be the most important thing you do online this year.

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Have a great day!